Medu Consulting offers various first aid courses for individuals and companies, addressing basic life support for adults and children.

See below all the offered courses.

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Basic Life Support and Automatic External Defibrillator

The Generic Provider course Basic Life Support (BLS) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is certified by the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC).

The Generic Provider Course is for all people wanting to be able to act confidently in case of an emergency (cardiac arrest, heart attack or a stroke). For example, relatives of heart patients, persons in training, or when requiring certification for professional reasons.

Duration: 6 hours for the generic provider course including additional first aid procedures

Course fee: CHF 280 per participant, four to eight participants

Prerequisites: none

There is also the possibility of a shorter version:

The Basic Provider Course

The Basic Provider Course is for the general public. It is meant for large training programs where a lot of participants want to be reached in a short period of time.

Duration: 3 hours for the basic provider course including additional first aid procedures

Course fee: CHF 200 per participant, four to eight participants

First Aid for the Swiss Driving License

This 10 hour course is mandatory for the Swiss Driving License and certified by the Federal Roads Office.

Required if you would like to obtain your Swiss Driving license.

Duration: 10 hours

Course fee: CHF 220 per participant, eight to twelve participants

Prerequisites: 14 years old

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FULL - 10/11 March 2023

First Aid for Companies and Schools

We can adapt any course structure to your company's or your school's needs. It is possible to combine the course with the Swiss Resuscitation Council course in Basic Life Support and Automated External Defibrillation (BLS/AED).

Duration: minimum 3,5 hours or more according to the adaption of your needs

Course fee: depending on lengths and structure of the course, please contact us

You can choose the content of your training course and adapt it to your needs.

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22, 27, 28 or 30 March 2023

First Aid Course for Children

Everybody can help, children can learn how to help. As reported in the news extract below, they can learn how to call emergency services and to stay calm. We will role-play emergency situations and practice how to call for help. The children will learn that it is important not to move somebody depending on the injury. Also they will learn that with a head injury there is a lot of blood involved even if it is a minor injury. We will practice how to use bandages. We will talk about what a defibrillator is and what it is used for.

Duration: 2 hours

Course fee: CHF 60 per participant, eight to twelve participants

Basic Life Support for Babies and Children

In this course you will learn how to deal with burns, head injuries, choking, bleeding, bites, thorax compressions and ventilation (CPR), croup, fever convulsion and others all specific for babies and children

This course is ideal for parents, grandparents, or other people taking care of babies, toddlers and older children

Duration: 4 hours

Course fee: CHF 230 per participant, four to eight participants

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Outdoor Rescue

In this course you will learn the skills that can be useful where access to medical care is delayed or communication is unreliable.

You'll improvise a splint, stop life threatening bleeding, use Steri-Strips. The course covers injuries and illnesses and includes the use of prescription medications (antibiotics, pain killers and more)

Price depending on length and structure of the course, please contact us

BLS-AED-SRC Generic Instructor

This further training is aimed at all those who are interested in teaching resuscitation courses.


valid BLS-AED-SRC Generic Provider certificate (not older than 2 years)


This is a practical train-the-trainer course. In two days you will learn how to deal with course participants, the technique and the material through many practical exercises. The basics of anatomy and physiology of breathing, circulation and the nervous system are a prerequisite for this course.

The course for prospective instructors is conducted according to the guidelines of the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC). It enables participants to conduct resuscitation courses independently.

Participants systematically plan a BLS-AED course as well as target group-oriented case scenarios and are able to lead this course competently.

Course content

- Examination of one's own motivation to teach and learn

- Systematic planning of a BLS-AED course

- Instruction in simple basic resuscitation skills (BLS) including use of the AED on training models of adults and children.

- Self-critical examination of one's own motivation to provide help

- Description of how to deal with inhibiting factors regarding aid provision

- Development of concrete, target group-oriented case scenarios

- Discussion of the possibilities for increasing the outcome of circulatory arrest

- Description of techniques to keep one's own expertise up to date.

- Answers to common questions and solutions to common stumbling blocks in BLS courses

Duration: 16 hours

Course fee: CHF 800 per participant. four to eight participants.

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Spring tbd 2023

Babysitting Course

Babysitting offers a great way to make some pocket money and gain some work experience. However, before you start taking care of infants and children it is a good idea to take a course that will prepare you for the serious responsibilities of caring for a child.

Participants learn how to provide care to younger children in a variety of age groups, and how to prevent and respond to emergencies.

The content of the course involves basics with a focus on children until the age of six such as:

• The most important stages of development of a child

• How to prepare and serve meals for children

• The nappy change

• Appropriate activities and plays with young children

• Accidents and their prevention and what to do in case of an acute emergency

Duration: 6 hours

Course fee: CHF 190 per participant. Eight to twelve participants.

Disclaimer: This is not the babysitting course certified by the Swiss Red Cross


Silvia Frey-Mangold, Lausanne area, Switzerland